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Colombia Investor Visa Basic Description

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In 2016 the requirement to obtain an investors in Colombia is now 448,145,100 pesos (or aproximately $140,00 USD). The investment can be in property or in stocks a corporation. Please keep in mind that at the beginning of January in 2016 the exchange rate was aproximately 3,200 pesos per dollar.

You can apply inside Colombia first time for the Colombia investor Visa. The duration of this visa is now for 5 years. The permanent residency visa was terminated in July 2013. The new visa law went into effect on July 24th, 2013. The new qualifying investment amount for a 5 year RE visa is 650 minimum salaries, which currently comes out to a bit more than $140,000 USD. Foreigners only need a passport to purchase stock in a company or purchase real estate by Colombian Law. Its important to work with professionals who know what bank branches are familiar with working with foreigners, to facilitate opening everything from Opening bank accounts, conducting international wire transfers and finally registering investments. Its important to get legal assistance from attorneys with experience with all aspects of real estate and commercial transactions. Finally, our expertise with obtaining the correct immigration status for our clients is beyond comparison. James Lindzey is an expat who has been living in Colombia full time since 2005, and has dedicated his career in Colombia to helping foreigners establish both new lifes and expand corporate investments into Colombia. We provide expert knowledge on both corporate and real estate investments, with legal and accounting services provided by licensed Colombian accountants and Colombian lawyers. We invite foreigners to take advantage of the booming economy and tax discounts available under the many free trade agreements now in place with Colombia.

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Colombian Investments - Positive Uptrend

Click the following topics to read more about the return on investments you may receive while investing in Colombia, and obtaining permanent residency under the Colombian Investment Visa.

Colombia investor Visa Fees

Colombia Investment Service Options:

*Government Fees Charged Seperately
**Payment Plans Available Via Paypal
***50% Downpayment to Get Started



The most popular options for investing in Colombia fall into the following categories which are outlined below. Depending on the individual our company can also assist with obtaining lawyers to create corporations, contractual agreements, purchase of shares, purchase of real estate in Colombia (Paradise Realty is recommended for revision of real estate contracts and purchases).

We have a long history helping foreigners invest in Colombia with trusted financial institutions in Colombia,and ateam of experts including lawyers and legal assistants. Through trial and error over the years we have found the team of experts that works, which you will find in Colombia is not so easy at times. Everyone says they now how to do it, but very few actually do! We are so confident that we now GAURANTEE ALL OF OUR COLOMBIA VISAS. If we don’t get your visa you get your money back! *

1. Create a Corporation or Purchase Shares (acciones) in private Colombian company

Create or buy into any range of Colombian corporations by purchasing stock in the value of 650 minimum salaries (650 minimum Colombian salaries is roughly $200,000 USD). Popular areas for foreigners to invest in are real estate management companies, tourism agencies, tourism service providers, hotels, hostels, furnished apartments, business consulting services, international franchises, holding companies, import and export consulting services, mining engineering and exporation, and manufacturing companies just to give you some ideas.

2. Purchase of Real Estate

Purchase directly of real estate in the value of 650 minimum Colombian Salaries with foreign money converted to pesos in your name. (650 minimum Colombian salaries is roughly 200,000 USD). Paradise Realtor provides excellent property management services and consultations on real estate investments.

Visas y Tramites Internacionales is teamed up with the Medellin Entrepreneurs Society, which is a group of expats working in Colombia and developing new ideas and creating international businesses. Even if you don’t live in Medellin the group is a valuable resource for expats and foreigners doing business across Colombia. There is no cost to join the organization. Please contact James Lindzey for information on where the next meeting will be.  

* MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We refund all of our fees which we charge internally for processing visas If a visa does not get approved. The external fees for lawyers, messenger, mail, translations and legalizations of documents are paid to third parties and are not included in the guarantee. Rest assured we do not like to work for free so we do not process visas which we do not think will get approved.


Colombia Real Estate Market Investment Report on Current Sales by Paradise Realty:
Report on Investments in Rental Properties in Medellin Colombia (click here)

Colombia Investor Visa Requirements (Basic)

1. Passport with 2 available pages, and valid for at least three (6) months.

2. Proof of investment from federal and local government entities, depending on investment made the details and proof of investment will vary. See the website by Colombia Legal & Accounting for more help on legalizing investments.

3. One recent color passport-type photographs ( 3 x 4 centimeters white background). Photos must be taken in digital format to comply with the new digital immigration form.

*** We start with a professional consultation regarding your particular situation. Every case is unique and has special circumstances.We will help you by writing letters and organizing immigration documents necessary for the supporting documentation of the visa application. We will file completed application, in Colombia we have professional legal messengers which can pick up your visa in Bogota so you DO NOT NEED TO TRAVEL!

Running a business in any country gives you plenty to think about, and as a foreigner in Colombia you'll have more considerations than most. There's no reason to deal with this all yourself when you run the risk of missing a step and dealing with an investigation or fines and the associated stress. You can outsource your administrative duties for your Colombian corporation to Colombia Legal & Accounting.

CL&A's team of Colombian attorneys, Colombian accountants, and assistants has years of experience in setting up Colombian business, helping owners understand the labor lawsplan taxes, and more, and we thoroughly understand the Colombian laws and regulations. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for you so you can enjoy running your business in Colombia. Click here for more information

FTA (Colombia Free Trade Agreement)

As a growing economy and the investment opportunities are everywhere, from to Invest In Medellín Real Estate, passing through agricultural products to mining. With the FTA (Colombia Free Trade Agreement) with the United States, which greatly reduces the fiscal burden it is expected significant increase in foreign investment and rising capital to Colombian companies that also want to get their products to the U.S. market. From everywhere business men arrive daily looking to get the Colombia Investment Visa.

How to export from The US to Colombia? (Click Here)


Medellín Real Estate

Another important option for investment in the country is to invest in real estate, as major cities are on the rise and especially Medellín Real Estate has reached historic highs.

The valuation in the housing market in Medellin  has grown significantly in recent years, costing the square meter at $4 million pesos in one of the areas with more appreciation in the city (El Poblado - Medellin) The price of the property is expected to keep growing, and the same goes for the rent prices. This is the ideal moment to Invest in Medellín Real Estate. 


The Stock Exchange of Colombia SA

The Stock Exchange of Colombia SA, BVC, with offices in Bogota, Medellin and Cali, is a private institution that promotes the development and market growth of financial assets in the country. Besides, it is one of the most stable and professional Latin America.



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